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Enterprise Risk Management And Handling Concentration Risk

Sean Salleh 09 Sep 2013 Risk and uncertainty

Concentration risk is a term that is used frequently in financial institutions to describe a risk that is significantly greater than others; for example, lending a high amount of money to a certain category of customers. The concept can be...

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Today’s Business Model: Keeping Up With A Moving Target

Sean Salleh 05 Sep 2013 Modeling methods

Tomorrow, today’s business model will be yesterday’s. Behind that self-evident observation lies an uncomfortable fact. The rate of change of such models has accelerated over the last decades. Success stories like Amazon go through business...

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Business Modeling: the Sandbox Theory and Some Cybernetics

Sean Salleh 04 Sep 2013 Modeling methods

In IT, the term ‘sandbox’ is used to denote a computing environment specifically designed for experimentation or test of a program, without the risk of malfunction then affecting other IT entities. Test environments like this exist in other domains...

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Operations Management Practice: Between Supply Chain and Value Chain

Sean Salleh 03 Sep 2013 Modeling methods

Is there anything in a business that is not covered by operations management practice? By definition, all of an enterprise’s internal processes are included: supply chain for instance, already a complex subject in its own right, is just part...

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OR Analysis and the Role of Heuristics

Sean Salleh 02 Sep 2013 Analytics and OR

OR analysis is all about modeling operational situations and problems with math, logic and scientific theory – or is it? Despite the common perception of scientists in lab coats (operational research would like to get them into business suits, but...

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Green Decision Analysis in Manufacturing

Sean Salleh 02 Sep 2013 Energy and environment

At one time, manufacturing relied totally on deterministic decision analysis. Neither the PC nor Monte Carlo methods had been invented, but manufacturing decision processes were also much simpler, endogenous and controlled. A few arithmetic expressions were enough, give or take...

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Models for Tidal Energy – How Analytics Can Examine Real-World Environmental Challenges

Sean Salleh 30 Aug 2013 Energy and environment

Sustainable energy is a great goal, but reliable, sustainable energy is even better. The sun and the wind only work for generating energy when they are present. Global demand for energy and in particular electricity is expected to rise with...

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Decision Analysis Tools: Weighing Outsourcing vs In-sourcing

Sean Salleh 29 Aug 2013 Modeling methods

Conventional business wisdom is currently that any non-core competence in an organization should be outsourced to an external supplier that is specialized in that competence. IT, accounting, manufacturing, and shipping are just some of the company activities that have gone...

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Multi-Criteria Analysis in Sustainable Energy Planning: a Quick Review

Sean Salleh 28 Aug 2013 Energy and environment

Energy planning in general may allow for simple cost-benefit analysis; however, sustainable energy planning with the multiple factors and tradeoffs involved requires a different approach. Multi-criteria analysis is a natural part of the process in many cases, and a number...

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Standard Deviation, Sporting Predictions and Investments

Sean Salleh 27 Aug 2013 Risk and uncertainty

Fancy a flutter? Actually, ‘flutters’, hunches’ and similar notions related to un-quantified intuition are avoided by many sports betting experts. They prefer a more analytical approach based on scrutiny of past sporting performance, comparative athletes,  team strengths, and...

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