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Open-Source Decision Models

Most policy decisions are complicated and controversial. Decision models can play a crucial role in helping stakeholders figure out what they agree about and what they don't. Open-source models are available for anyone interested to download, review, and run with different assumptions. This enables stakeholders to explore the issues themselves rather than rely on the "experts' black-box analysts. figure out which assumptions really make a difference -- and often which don't.  Several organizations have used Analytica models in this way.  Because Analytica models are more transparent than traditional spreadsheets or black-box simulations, participants can more easily understand the assumptions and their implications. 

Are farmed salmon safe to eat?

Are farmed salmon safe to eat? Finnish Public Health analysts show that eating farmed salmon is much healthier than beef.

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From controversy to consensus: Decommissioning California’s...

Should the 27 defunct oil platforms off the coast of California be dismantled? Or convert to artificial reefs for marine ecosystems? 

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Integrated Climate Assessment Model

ICAM is possibly the most sophisticated environmental model created with Analytica. Experiments with ICAM have generated a wide range of valuable insights and numerous publications.

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Do Inuit hunters threaten whale populations?

Does whale hunting by the Inuit pose a risk to beluga whale populations  in the Arctic?

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Savings from shifting electricity load to off-peak

Energy storage technologies, including batteries and thermal cooling, shift electrical power loads to off-peak times. This reduces the cost of power and the need for expensive new...

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Barclay's Cycle Hire in London

Is City Bike Sharing Good for Your Health?

City bike share programs are increasingly popular methods of improving health, but with increased injury risks and exposure to pollutants, do they actually have a positive effect on...

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