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Analytica Cloud Player (ACP)

ACP lets people collaborate via the web in building and using Analytica models. It lets you view and run a model using a web browser, with no software to download.  You can explore influence diagrams, change inputs, and view result tables and graphs, just like Analytica on the desktop.  From Analytica on the desktop, you can publish a model directly to ACP from the Publish to Cloud option on the File menu. You can also create web applications using ACP, tailoring a user interface to the needs of end users beyond the standard Analytica options: You can set the user-interface style to use tabs or an expandable outline. You can embed tables and graphs into a user-interface diagram.  

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Advantages of ACP

ACP offers some big advantages over Analytica on the desktop for collaboration and distributing models to end users:

  • Users can review and run models or web applications without having to download or install any software onto their desktop (except for Adobe Flash, which is already installed in 98% of browsers). Users need no help from their IT department. You can invite model reviewers or users simply by emailing them the URL of a model in ACP.
  • You can be sure that your end users are using the latest version of models and data posted on the server, without having to worry about distributing updates.
  • By using password-protected ACP accounts, you can avoid sensitive or proprietary models being seen by unauthorized people. You can also use Analytica Enterprise to hide selected data or formulas.
  • You can create web applications with user-interface styles beyond what is (yet) available in Analytica on the desktop. You can choose tab-based navigation in which each module in the top model is accessible via a tab. You can embed tables and graphs in each user-interface tab (module diagram). This makes it easy for users to enter data and view results without having to navigate multiple windows.

As an Analytica modeler, you can upload models into ACP directly from your desktop. It will run on the web with no changes, looking very similar to how it looks on your desktop computer.  But, ACP offers some additional user-interface features to make models look even better on the web.

ACP users can save changed models, to revisit them in later sessions. Most ACP directories are password protected, so only authorized users can view and use models.


If you haven't seen ACP in action, you can view a few example models in ACP:

Play the Rent vs. Buy model

Play the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) Example for Wind Turbines

Play the Foxes and Hares model

Individual Account

You get your an ACP individual account for free as long as you have active support on your Analytica license. With this account, you can upload your own models into your private directory and run them using ACP. You can even invite others to view your models by sending them an email invitation. When they receive the invitation they can view your model by just using their browser. No need for them to install any Analytica software.

From within Analytica, select Publish to Cloud from the File menu. It will set up your account (if you haven't yet done so), and upload your model into ACP. Or you can Sign up for an ACP account here.  You get 25 free sessions each month if you have active support. Those should last you for a while, but you can always buy more credits if you need them. 

Group Account

The ACP Group Account empowers a group to develop and use models in collaboration. A Group Account supports multiple users and projects.  Within each project, a user can be assigned a roles, such as Reviewer, who can open, and run models, and save snapshots with changed inputs for reuse in a future session, an Author who can also upload models into the project and modify them, and  a Manager, who can add new users and set their roles. The Group Account is offered for $250/month or $2000/year.

An ACP Group account includes 500 ACP sessions per month.

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