Compare Model Browser Editions

If you need to use a model that someone else has built, but you don't need to change the internals of the model or build models of your own, then the Analytica editions for Browsing Models show here are for you. 

Here is an overview of features and prices of Analytica Editions for Model Browsing. See also Edition Descriptions and Compare Model Builder Editions.

Power Player
Power Player Optimizer

Open and review models, change inputs, compute results.

Hierarchical influence diagrams

Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis

Intelligent Arrays™

Function libraries, including maths, probability distributions, stats, financial, matrix, and more.

Logistic Regression

Model can read from to write to an external database.


Huge Arrays — dimensions or sample size up to 100 million


Solve Linear and Non Linear Programs


Application Programming Interface (API)


Access models via a web browser. No software to install.

Power Player
Power Player Optimizer

Standard Price

25 free sessions per month with active support
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*Prices here are Lumina's standard retail price. Educational and other discounts may be available.