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You can find your License ID from inside Analytica. Select the Update License... dialog from the Help Menu. You can copy/paste it from the License field.
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What you get with active support

  • Free technical support by email. See the support section for details.
  • Free patches and upgrades to minor releases (e.g. 4.5 to 4.6).
  • Discounted prices for major upgrades (eg. 4.5 to 5.0)
  • Edit access to the Analytica Wiki
  • Free attendance to Analytica User Group webinars
  • 25 free sessions per month in ACP

Price to renew support

The price to renew support and maintenance for a year is about 25% of the software price. If you renew it before it expires, it's only about 20%.  Use the form above to get an exact quote.

The table below displays the cost of renewing support for a year before it expires:

Standard Support Renewal
Analytica Professional
$ 245
Analytica Enterprise
$ 695
Analytica Optimizer
$ 1,245
Analytica Power Player
$ 245
Analytica Power Player /w Optimizer
$ 495
Analytica Decision Engine (ADE)
$ 3,000
Analytica Decision Engine /w Optimizer
$ 4,000