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Upgrade Analytica

Use this form to upgrade your Analytica or ADE license to the latest release 4.6, or to a higher edition (or both).

You can upgrade free to release 4.6 from an earlier release if you have current support. You can renew support here.

For assistance, please call us at (650) 212-1212 or email us at

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License ID*  
You can find your License ID from inside Analytica. Select the Update License... dialog from the Help Menu. You can copy/paste it from the License field.
* means that the field is required.

How it Works

An upgrade means you trade in your old license for a new license. A trade-in credit for the old license is applied to the purchase price of the new license if you have current support. If you upgrade to the latest release of the same Analytica edition and have current support, your upgrade is free. If you want to upgrade to a higher edition (e.g. a floating license), you pay the difference between the price of the new edition and the available trade-in credit on your current license. 

Trade-in Eligibility

Only licenses with current support have a trade-in value. Analytica and ADE licenses include 12 months of support from the time of purchase, which we recommend you renew annually. If support has lapsed, you may purchase support retroactively to cover the lapsed period to receive trade-in credit for your old license. Contact us for a quote.

Trade-in Credit

When you trade-in an old license for a new license, your new license will include an additional 12 months of support.

Contact us for the current trade-in value of your license.

Free Upgrades to Latest Release

Support includes free minor-release upgrades (e.g., 4.5 to 4.6). If you qualify, enter your 4.5 (or earlier) license above and you will get full credit for the trade-in. Your active support expiration date is not changed as a result of a free upgrade. 

Upgrade to a Floating License

A floating license usable by anyone in your organization (but not more than one at a time per license) is priced at 2.5 standard individual user licenses. If you want to trade in multiple individual licenses for a floating license, use this page again to submit each trade-in license. All trade-ins will then appear in your cart as a credit towards your floating license purchase.

Finding your License Information

You can find your license code/name when running Analytica by opening the Update license... dialog from the Help menu. Copy and paste the License Identifier field into the form.