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Refresh Stale License

For old releases of Analytica (4.1 and earlier), the License code goes stale about 5 days after it was issued, so it will no longer activate the software. But, we are glad to issue a fresh code to replace it to authorized licensees (even for the free Player) -- for example, if you didn't get a chance to install Analytica right away, or you now want to install or move it to another computer. Our goal is to reduce piracy by unauthorized users.

Please email us with your stale License Code and we will send you a fresh Code.

You may also use this as an opportunity to upgrade your license to the most recent edition. See Upgrade for details. 

Most Analytica licenses are for a single user: To transfer a license from one user to another contact Lumina by phone (650-212-1212) or email.
Analytica version 4.2 and Later Activation Keys do not become stale and do not need to be refreshed.