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Using the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE) from Python

Lonnie Chrisman 22 May 2018 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips, Modeling methods

Today I interacted with an Analytica from Python, which for me was my first time doing so. To do so, I used the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE), which bundles the core Analytica engine as a Component Object Model (COM)...

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Adding alternative axis scales to a graph

Lonnie Chrisman 15 May 2018 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips, Modeling methods

Starting with a graph that varies by Time in units of Seconds, I show how to configure the graph so you can quickly change the horizontal scale from Seconds to Hours, Days or Years. This video is 3 minutes 16 seconds, or 0.00227...

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Cell formatting in DetermTable that shows which cells are active

Lonnie Chrisman 04 May 2018 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips

In this Analytica 5 Video Short,  I configure a DetermTable to use cell formatting so you can tell which data will be used by the computed result given the model's current selections. The solution uses a Cell Format...

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Analytica 5 Video Shorts: MultiChoice controls

Lonnie Chrisman 03 May 2018 Analytica tips

In this video, I showcase two uses for MultiChoice controls: For use in Selective Parametric Analysis, and for limited an index to a subset during your model's calculations. (Watch directly on YouTube) The Analytica 5 Video shorts series --...

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A Gift to 2018 Graduates

Max Henrion 20 Apr 2018 Analytica 5.0, News

Lumina Decision Systems would like to congratulate all graduates of the class of 2018! You've succeeded with an important accomplishment, and now we want help you succeed in the next phase of your professional life after graduation. If you are...

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What’s the best retirement account type for me? 401(k), IRA, Roth, other?

Lonnie Chrisman 11 Apr 2018 Analytica 5.0, Modeling methods, News, Risk and uncertainty

It's tax week here in the US, and like many other people, I have less than a week to finalize my tax returns. I also have some last minute decisions. Should I, or my wife, put money into a...

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How to simplify the IRS tax tables

Lonnie Chrisman 04 Apr 2018 Analytica 5.0, Modeling methods, News

The federal income tax in the United States uses a series of increasing tax brackets, so that those who earn more pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes. This is an example of a progressive tax. The idea...

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Beta test period for Analytica 5.1 starts

Lonnie Chrisman 03 Apr 2018

The beta testing period for release 5.1 has now started. We invite all Analytica users with an active subscription to beta test this next release of Analytica and ADE and give us your feedback. It is a chance to test your...

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How is Cambridge Analytica connected to Lumina’s Analytica?

Max Henrion 23 Mar 2018 Analytica 5.0, News

I've been getting this question a lot after the recent notoriety of Cambridge Analytica, Inc.  Steven Bannon says he helped found Cambridge Analytica in 2013. He said  "I gave it that amazing name,"  and added...

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Analytica 5 Video Shorts: π-day Pie Charts—drawing and interacting with images

Lonnie Chrisman 14 Mar 2018 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips

Today I'm celebrating π day with a three part series of Analytica 5 video shorts, during which I create an interactive pie chart. Watch these to learn how to draw your own custom images that respond to mouse clicks. ...

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