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Cost of Energy analysis with Wind Turbines

Sean Salleh 22 Jul 2013 Energy and environment

Finding out how much energy generation costs with wind turbines is essential for calculating the overall investment and return, compared with other sources of energy. The information also has at least another important role as well. Wind turbines are one...

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Business Modeling refreshed from the Web

Sean Salleh 18 Jul 2013 Modeling methods

The better and more up-to-date the input information is for your business modeling, the better quality results it will give you. The trick is to find an efficient way of updating that information. This is one of the major shortcomings...

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Risk Analysis using FRAP: is it just Silo Thinking?

Sean Salleh 18 Jul 2013 Risk and uncertainty

FRAP or the Facilitated Risk Analysis Process aims to get conclusions about risks quicker. It involves a group of subject matter experts and a facilitator, which gives it something in something in common with expert elicitation. However it is also...

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Risk Management: Fish, Finance and the Risk-Risk Tradeoff

Sean Salleh 17 Jul 2013 Risk and uncertainty

Eating fish is good for you, isn’t it? Yes. And No. While fish are valuable nutritionally, especially the ones rich in omega-3 fatty acids, they may also contain methylmercury. Omega-3 fatty acids apparently decrease risks of heart ailments and...

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When Will It Be Ready? Monte Carlo Analysis for Schedules

Sean Salleh 16 Jul 2013 Risk and uncertainty

You may be able to throw more money and people at a project, even if it’s not always advisable. But time? When time’s gone, it’s gone. To help plan and track project schedules, various methods and tools...

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Risk Analysis in Project Management

Sean Salleh 15 Jul 2013 Risk and uncertainty

The first challenge in understanding risk analysis in project management is to nail the definition of risk analysis. International standards like ISO 31000 notwithstanding, there are various definitions in circulation. We’ll stick here with the definition of risk analysis as...

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Does Decision Tree Software Soften your Brain?

Sean Salleh 12 Jul 2013 Modeling methods

Rely on anything too much and you’ll end up sacrificing some ability. Kids with calculators are prime examples: ask them to add two and two, and watch those fingers fly around the calculator keypad. It’s a world turned...

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Renewable Energy Analysis and the Bottom Line

Sean Salleh 11 Jul 2013 Energy and environment

Sun, wind and biomass are the renewable energy sources that often come to mind, with geothermal, tidal and hydropower as further choices. The fear about fossil fuels running out is a driving force for the development of renewable energy sources,...

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Computer Industry Analysis: Catching the Next Wave

Sean Salleh 10 Jul 2013

The computer  industry is projected to be worth $253 billion in 2017 (and that’s just the personal computer industry).  When analyzing such a huge and sprawling industry, the trick  is to know where to start. Is a classical...

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What Every Person Should Know about Risk Assessment

Sean Salleh 09 Jul 2013 Risk and uncertainty

What is the minimum amount of knowledge that professionals should have about risk assessment, given the vast size of this field? Risk affects reputations, safety, profitability and innumerable other items. Although a certain number of people have specific responsibilities in...

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