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Strategic Risk Management for the Enterprise

Sean Salleh 24 Jun 2013 Risk and uncertainty

What lies behind those three words – Strategic Risk Management? It’s a question worth asking because a) SRM is a relatively new field, and b) there is still confusion between SRM and ERM (Enterprise Risk Management). RIMS (Risk and...

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The Rise of Decision Analytics

Sean Salleh 21 Jun 2013 Modeling methods

Where did decision analytics come from? And where is it headed in the future? The term decision analysis was coined by Ronald A. Howard, Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University. However, the fundamental problems that decision analytics...

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The Art and Science of Business Intelligence

Sean Salleh 20 Jun 2013 Modeling methods

It’s the title of a book. But is it also a deeper observation about what it takes to put good business intelligence in place? Behind this apparently innocuous catch-all pairing (if it isn’t art and it...

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The Basics of Risk Analysis in the Enterprise

Sean Salleh 19 Jun 2013 Risk and uncertainty

Risky business – bad news? Not necessarily. While the word risk has a negative connotation for some, it’s a source of business opportunity for others. Good risk analysis and follow-on enterprise risk management (ERM) consider both the upside and...

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The role of Sensitivity Analysis in Energy and Environmental Modeling

Sean Salleh 18 Jun 2013 Energy and environment

Energy and environmental models are often complex. Sensitivity analysis is a natural choice to improve understanding of such models and to see which input parameters have the most influence on the output. It also helps analysts to understand the inner...

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Data Modeling 101

Sean Salleh 17 Jun 2013 Modeling methods

Think data modeling is just for the geeks? Think again! Even if deep down in the IT layers data models can make Egyptian hieroglyphs look like a Dr. Seuss book by comparison (like ‘The Cat in the Hat’ –...

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Making Management Enthusiastic about Decision Support Software

Sean Salleh 14 Jun 2013 Modeling methods

If extensions to your business modeling activities depend on convincing upper management of the utility of business decision support software, then a few ‘selling’ tips may help. It’s rather like being a good car salesperson. To sell a...

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Operational Risk Scenario Analysis and the Bullwhip Effect

Sean Salleh 13 Jun 2013 Risk and uncertainty

If you’ve ever experienced a small change at the retailing end of a supply chain that provokes massive turbulence upstream, there’s a good chance you’ve suffered the bullwhip effect. When somebody cracks a bullwhip, a small wrist...

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Finding Out What You Don’t Know With Sensitivity Analysis

Sean Salleh 12 Jun 2013 Modeling methods

Remember Donald Rumsfeld’s speech from 2007 on the things we know and the things we don’t? His enumeration of known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns garnered ratings from trivial to deeply meaningful. Fishing for truth in such murky...

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Deterministic or Stochastic - Which Business Modeling Should You Present?

Sean Salleh 11 Jun 2013 Modeling methods

Aaah… if only someone had written a program to automatically choose the type of modeling for any given business situation. Perhaps somebody has and it is buried somewhere in those 1 million (and counting!) apps already available for smartphones. After all,...

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