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Congratulations to Dr. Max Henrion for Decision Analysis Society's 2014 Best Practice Award

Lonnie Chrisman 13 Nov 2014 Case studies and applications, Energy and environment, News





I want to offer my congratulations to my colleague here at Lumina Decision Systems, our CEO Dr. Max Henrion. The annual INFORMS conference took place this week in San Francisco, where Max gave a presentation on the PLATFORM Oil & Gas Platform Decommissioning Decision Support Tool (see the case study). The Decision Analysis Society and the Society of Decision Professionals awarded him the Decision Analysis Society 2014 Practice Award.

Congratulations Max!


Here is the award announcement that was sent out:

Dear DAS Members -

I am posting this message on behalf of Frank Koch, Chair of the Decision Analysis Society 2014 Practice Award:

It is my pleasure to announce the winner of the 2014 DAS Practice Award.  The award is jointly sponsored by the Decision Analysis Society and the Society of Decision Professionals.  The Award recognizes outstanding application of decision analysis to significant decisions; it considers the quality of the analysis, the impact the analysis had on the decision, the importance of the decision and the benefit that accrued from the decision.

The winner is Max Henrion for his presentation "How to Dispose of California's Defunct Offshore Oil Platforms".  As part of receiving the DAS Practice Award, Max will receive a cash prize of $750, and an invitation to showcase his work at the 2015 DAAG (Decision Analysis Affinity Group) meeting in Huntington Beach in April 2015, just prior to the INFORMS Analytics conference.   The judges would also like to recognize the runner-up: Mazen Skaf for his presentation "DA and Analytics-Based Policy Program Design in Enabling Balanced Growth and Job Creation for Nationals".

This year the competition included 11 excellent presentations. In addition to the judges' evaluations, we used the audience feedback from each presentation to help select the winning presentation.  DAS would like to congratulate Max, Mazen and all of the DAS Practice Award competitors for their excellent work and engaging presentations.

On behalf of the award committee


DAS Practice Award committee

Frank Koch, Chair
Terry Bresnick
Karen Jenni
Jack Kloeber
Larry Neal
Greg Parnell

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