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From software updates to conference announcements, stop by Lumina's News and Events center to stay up-to-date on our company's product offerings and news highlights.

Max Henrion talks on Open-Source Policy Modeling at Carnegie Mellon University

Lumina's CEO, Dr. Max Henrion, will give a talk on Open-Source Policy Modeling at Carnegie Mellon's Department of Engineering and Public Policy on February 8th, 2011 at 12pm.">More »

Lumina at EUEC 2011

Please come and meet us in person at the Energy, Utility & Environment conference in Phoenix, AZ between Monday January 31 and Wednesday February 2nd

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Happy Holidays!

To all those celebrating the season, we at Lumina would like to extend the warmest of holiday wishes to our friends and business partners around the world. We look forward to working with you in 2011.">More »

EUEC 2011

Lumina at INFORMS 2010

Please come and meet us in person at the INFORMS 2010 meeting at the Austin Convention Center between Sunday November 7th and Wednesday November 10th, 2010. INFORMS is the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science. The INFORMS Annual Meeting 2010 will be held in Austin, TX. 

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Analytica assists California Ocean Science Trust

An interdisciplinary team created a decision tool in Analytica to help explore the costs and benefits of a variety options, to assist the California Ocean Science Trust (OST). More.

Analytica helps Tuscon Electric Power meet Renewable Portfolio Standards

Lumina's Affiliate, Navigant Consulting worked with its client, Tucson Electric Power to develop RE-Sim™(Renewable Energy Market Simulation) an Analytica model that helps plan how it can add generating capacity to meet Arizona's Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). More.

Lumina presents ADCAPT at Uptime Institute Symposium in NYC

Max Henrion, Lumina's CEO, gave a talk on how to use flexible adaptive strategies for planning datacenter capacity to cope with the massive uncertainties at the Uptime Institute IT Symposium in New York City on May 17 - 19. 2010. More on Henrion's Talk

Analytica supports DIST standard

Analytica 4.2.3 has been certified by Probability Management.or as supporting its new DIST standard for representing probability samples (also known as SIPS or Stochastic Information Packets) in a compact characters-based XML format. In fact, Lonnie Chrisman, Lumina's CTO, helped improve the standard resulting in DIST 1.1 and DIST 2.0 -- the latter is not yet released,. but already supported as an option in Analytica. More

OriginOil and StrategicFit Develops Sophisticated Algae Production Models

OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL), the developer of a breakthrough technology to transform algae, the most promising source of renewable oil, into a true competitor to petroleum, today announced its partnership with StrategicFit, a London-based strategy consulting firm with world-class analytical capabilities. Together they are building a model to analyze profitability and environmental benefits of their technology using the Analytica Web Player. More

Lumina releases Analytica 4.2

We're delighted to announce the release of Analytica 4.2. This release adds a variety of new and improved features, including Analtica 64-bit in addition to an improved selection of licensing options. Other improvements in release 4.2 include many new functions, new probability distributions, new libraries, including one for correlated and multivariate distributions, extended syntax for smarter function calling, and a new integrated User Guide. 

For details, see What's new in 4.2?.