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Lumina at INFORMS 2009

Lumina will be attending The INFORMS Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. For information on recieving a complimentary pass to the INFROMS 2009 exhibit hall.

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Lumina Releases Analytica Web Player (AWP)

We are pleased to announce the release of Analytica Web Player! AWP lets you view and run Analytica models via any standard Flash-enabled web browser. It has almost the same user interface as Analytica Player on the desktop, showing model diagrams, objects, tables, and graphs. Users can change inputs, including edit tables, and save their changes. AWP has several key advantages over desktop Analytica as a way to distribute models for reviewers or end users.

For details, see Analytica Web Player. You can try out AWP for free from there. You can upload models of your own and run examples models we have posted. Please contact us for pricing information and any other questions.

Lumina at INFORMS 2008

Lumina attended the The INFORMS Annual Meeting in Washington DC, where Max Henrion, CEO of Lumina, presented a special three-hour hands-on workshop, with an in-depth introduction to Analytica for those considering it for use or teaching, and a demonstration and talk titled Analytica: What it does that spreadsheets can't.

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Analytica 4.1.2 patch release

Analytica and ADE release 4.1.2 is now available as a free download for all those with current support. This patch release fixes a number of bugs and is easy to install. You do not need a new license code if you already have 4.1. Visit the wiki at What's fixed in release 4.1.2 for details, or simply download and run the installer from here.

Analytica 4.1.1 patch release

Analytica and ADE release 4.1.1 available. This patch release fixes a number of bugs and offers some minor improvements, including an average 10% faster runtime. We strongly recommend this easy upgrade for those with 4.1.0. As of Sept 12, 2008, please install patch release 4.1.2, which includes the fixes in 4.1.1.

Analytica Newsletter Archive

The Analytica Newsletter Archive now provides access to all Analyitica Newsletters, old and recent.

Analytica 4.1 Review in OR/MS Today

Robert D. Brown III, a senior consultant with Decision Strategies, Inc., has reviewed Analytica in OR/MS Today. "I estimate that the time I spend writing Analytica models is one quarter to one half of that devoted to similarly complex spreadsheets."

Analytica 4.1 Released

Lumina is pleased to announce the release of Analytica 4.1 with a variety of new features including an all-new installer, user interface enhancements, advanced excel integration features, new functions, meta-indexes.

Lumina at WIREC 2008

Lumina attended WIREC 2008 earlier this year. WIREC is the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference which was held at the Washington DC Convention Center.

Kuopio Open Risk Assessment Workshop

Kuopio risk assessment workshop 2008 is the second workshop about new methods in risk assessment, organized by the National Public Health Institute (KTL), Kuopio, Finland. Its main purpose is to promote the idea and practice of Open Risk Assessment, and further develop methods to perform them. The workshop is mainly directed to postgraduate students working in the fields of environmental health or risk assessment, but it is also open to anyone interested. The workshop will consist of lectures on Open Risk Assessment theory and methods as well as applying the methods to describe and evaluate a real-life risk assessment case. Analytica will be used. There is no cost, and it is possible to attend virtually via the internet. For more information and to sign up see Kuopio risk assessment workshop 2008.