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From software updates to conference announcements, stop by Lumina's News and Events center to stay up-to-date on our company's product offerings and news highlights.

Kuopio Open Risk Assessment Workshop

Kuopio risk assessment workshop 2008 is the second workshop about new methods in risk assessment, organized by the National Public Health Institute (KTL), Kuopio, Finland. Its main purpose is to promote the idea and practice of Open Risk Assessment, and further develop methods to perform them. The workshop is mainly directed to postgraduate students working in the fields of environmental health or risk assessment, but it is also open to anyone interested. The workshop will consist of lectures on Open Risk Assessment theory and methods as well as applying the methods to describe and evaluate a real-life risk assessment case. Analytica will be used. There is no cost, and it is possible to attend virtually via the internet. For more information and to sign up see Kuopio risk assessment workshop 2008.

Analytica Training in Europe

Simbon, Lumina's affiliate in the Netherlands, is offering a two-day Analytica training in Eindhoven on January 14-15th, 2008. They are also offering additional half day of one-on-one tutoring two weeks later to help trainees with their own modeling projects. Consultants at Simbon have extensive experience using Analytica with great success for their clients. For registration, please contact Tom Raaijmakers, senior consultant of Simbon via e-mail at tom.raaijmakers@simbon.nlor by mobile phone on +31 623921989.

Saving energy and cost in datacenters

The cost of energy for power and cooling at many datacenters and server farms now exceeds the cost of the servers themselves. There are many new products and services designed to reduce datacenter energy use. But, it's challenging for managers to figure out what combination will reduce total cost of ownership, while providing sufficient capacity and reliability. Lumina has created a prototype tool to help them, the Analytica Data Center Capacity Planning Tool or ADCAPT.

Analytica at INFORMS 2007 in Seattle

Come and meet Lumina CTO and leading Analytica architect, Dr. Lonnie Chrisman at the Lumina booth at The INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. Lonnie will present a special three-hour hands-on workshop, with an in-depth introduction to Analytica for those considering it for use or teaching on Saturday, Nov. 3rd and a demonstration and talk on Sunday, Nov. 4th titled Analytica: What it does that spreadsheets can't.

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Analytica 4.0 released

Lumina is pleased to release Analytica 4.0 with a variety of valuable new features, including much more flexible and elegant graphs, auto save, access to MDX multidimensional databases.


Analytica helps inventory greenhouse gases from Canadian cattle

It turns out that methane from cows, pigs, and sheep contributes more to greenhouse effects than cars, trains, and planes. Canada fulfills its Kyoto Protocol duty to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from livestock using an Analytica model to assess the uncertainties.

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