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Buy Floating Analytica Subscriptions

It's usually easiest to set up and manage multiple Analytica licenses on a Central License Manager by using Reprise License Manager (RLM).  Reprise License Manager supports "roaming" licenses - that is, multiple users can check out a floating license and use it on a personal computer away from the network. When returning to the network, a user must check the license back in to allow other people to use the license. A floating license may be used by anyone in your organization, but only by one person at a time per floating license. 

The price for each floating license subscription is about 2.5 times the price of the single-user license for the same edition. Use the form below to order subscriptions for floating licenses for Analytica to manage with a Central License Manager on a private network. 

A named license subscription may also be used with RLM by a single named user - the pricing is the same as for individual license subscriptions. Please contact to place an order for a named user subscription.

If you don't have or want a Central License Manager order regular Analytica Licenses here.

To learn more about Analytica Editions see descriptions of Editions or Edition comparison table.

See the Analytica License Agreement in PDF.

These prices do not include any tax. Tax is not usually required for software purchased and downloaded in USA and Canada.  Taxes sometimes apply to purchases in other countries.

Please note that a physical (non-virtual) server running any edition of Windows is required to host the RLM server.

Analytica Editions for Model Builders Unit Cost Quantity Cost
Analytica Professional
The standard version of Analytica, with full model creation functions.  
$2,495 $0
Analytica Enterprise
Supports ODBC database access, Huge Arrays, Protection, Time Profiling and more. Electronic download and PDF copies of Manuals.  
$7,000 $0
Analytica Optimizer
The Optimizer Edition includes a powerful, general purpose solver and optimizer for linear, mixed integer and nonlinear programs. Electronic download and PDF copies of Manuals.  
$12,500 $0
Analytica Editions for End Users Unit Cost Quantity Cost
Analytica Power Player
For distributing applications created in Analytica Enterprise to end users.  
$2,495 $0
Analytica Power Player with Optimizer
For distributing applications created in Analytica Optimizer to end users.  
$4,995 $0
Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) Group Account
Buy an Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) Group Account, or add months to an existing Group Account. Buy 12 months at once to get a $1000 discount.
Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) Session Credit
Add Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) session credits to your ACP account.
Analytica Training Unit Cost Quantity Cost
Analytica Training
Two-day Analytica Training Please specify your preferred dates and location later.
$1,595 $0
Analytica Quickstart
A 4 hour Quickstart package of consulting support conducted via email, telephone, and web conference. Valid for use at any time during the 12 months following purchase..
$800 $0
Total: US $0