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  • Announcing the release of Analytica 4.6! » more
  • Stanford Webinar: From Controversy to Consensus: Decommissioning California’s offshore oil platforms » more
  • SDP - DAS Webinar: Turning Water into Wine » more
  • From Rigs to Reefs article appears in ORMS Today » more
  • Press Release: Lumina wins 2014 Decision Analysis Practice Award » more

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Case Studies

From controversy to consensus: Decommissioning California’s offshore oil platforms

Should the 27 defunct oil platforms off the coast of California be dismantled? Or should they be converted to artificial reefs to encourage marine ecosystems? 
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A Campus Microgrid with CHP

Optimizing design and operation of UCSD's microgrid with CHP to add more photovoltaics and support the utility grid.
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Electrical Energy Storage Valuation Tool

Lumina assisted E3 Consulting to build a tool for EPRI member utilities evaluate the costs and benefits of a wide range of storage technologies, including...
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The Future of the Automobile

Will biofuels, electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles or something else transform the US vehicle fleet? How will this affect costs, emissions, and energy imports? Find out...
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