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“Analytica is very easy to learn. ... Once learned, it is delightful to use.."

- Anthony Cox & Associates

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"Executives who are hesitant about using decision support systems should consider Analytica."

- Decision Strategies, Inc.


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Green Analytics

Paper or plastic? CFLs or LEDs? It’s often hard to figure out just what technologies and policies are  sustainable. We specialize in creating analytic tools that are both comprehensive and comprehensible – to help evaluate technologies, policies, and entire organizations in terms of energy use, environmental footprint, and economic costs. » more

Lumina & Education

Lumina cares about improving numeracy in this complicated world. We support professors who aim to teach their students how to build effective quantitative models and use them critically. We make Analytica available free for use in the classroom.  » more

Are you a supermodeler?

Supermodels get more attention. But, supermodelers have more influence on our complicated World.  By supermodelers we mean those experts who really know how to create quantitative models that truly help us understand and navigate complex situations. We designed Analytica for those who are or want to become supermodelers.

Case Studies

Electrical Energy Storage Valuation Tool

Lumina assisted E3 Consulting to build a tool for EPRI member utilities evaluate the costs and benefits of a wide range of storage technologies, including several types of battery, flywheels, pumped hydro,…
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The Future of the Automobile

Will biofuels, electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles or something else transform the US vehicle fleet? How will this affect costs, emissions, and energy imports? Find out with Lumina's ATEAM model.
» more

Savings from shifting electricity load to off-peak

Energy storage technologies, including batteries and thermal cooling, shift electrical power loads to off-peak times. This reduces the cost of power and the need for expensive new peaking plants.
» more

Helping Tucson Electric Power meet Renewable Portfolio Standards

Navigant Consulting created RE-Sim™ to help Tucson Electric Power develop plams to meet Arizona's Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).
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